Delivering Artisanal Eco-Friendly Wines to Your Doorstep

A note from our founder: 

I created Stellar Bottles to provide a simple way to explore, discover and enjoy the finest, eco-friendly wines from the world’s top family-run wineries. Good wine is universal. And, it’s become clear that an increasing number of the world’s best wines come from vineyards that are tended without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.   

All of the wines that we represent are from brick-and-mortar wineries that strive to build a chemical-free, diverse, naturally balanced vineyard eco-system. The benefit is a protected environment, improved worker safety and wines that display the purest expression of their potential. All, while in many cases, not costing more than the conventionally produced wines. 

Whether it’s from traditional or cutting-edge regions, there have never been more high-quality, artisanal, eco-friendly wines. The challenge is finding them. This is why Stellar Bottles is ultra-obsessed with quality and authenticity. Each month, hundreds of wines are assessed, but less than 2% make the final cut and are offered to you.   

The finest wines are a result of obsessive attention in the vineyard and minimal manipulation within the winery. This allows for the most expressive, authentic and pure experience, along with the truest sense of place. This is the essence of true artisanal wines and the sole purpose behind Stellar Bottles. 

Bob Paulinski, Master of Wine


Bob Paulinski,Master of Wine and Founder