The Perfect Plan for You

All of our wines are from brick-and-mortar wineries, no private wines. All adhere to low intervention, eco- friendly practices. Simply put, the best raw material makes for the best wines.

Choose either a recurring plan (New, Crescent or Full Moon) which is refreshed each month with new wines. Or, select Shooting Star, if you prefer to mix or match from the weekly offer. Refer to the Featured Wines page to get the story behind each wine, so you can become a master of your wines.

Shipments are outbound within three business days of order placement, and shipping is free for all orders of $199 and over.

Ideal for the those who demand nothing but the finest.

The ultimate expression from the world's top wineries.

  • Rare wines of limited availability, sourced from the top vineyards, often very old vines with limited yields and sometimes produced in only select vintages.
  • Typically, with excellent aging potential and the no expense spared treatment.


Your plan includes a total of 3 different wines, one bottle of each.

SELECT PLAN Featured Wines

Ideal for those who want to experience premium wine at its fullest.

Reserve level wines: iconic, classic, distinctive.

  • Limited production, many are vineyard designated, often made from older vines with low yields.
  • Wines made with deliberate attention to every detail.


Your plan includes a total of 3 different wines, two bottles of each.

SELECT PLAN Featured Wines

Ideal for those looking to explore wines that showcase the world's most noteworthy and iconic wineries and regions.

  • Wines with a higher degree of distinction, complexity, depth and breadth from the world's classic regions, along with top up-and-coming places.
  • Wines that are ideal for immediate consumption, but often have the potential for midterm aging.


Your plan includes a total of 3 different wines, two bottles of each.

SELECT PLAN Featured Wines

Shooting Star

Wines that will surprise and delight with their expressive, pure character

Single bottles at special pricing

As the name indicates, wines that are here and gone quickly! They are available for on-the-spot  purchase, because when they’re gone – they’re gone.

  • Wines that tick all of the boxes in terms of wow factor, but with very limited availability.
  • Uber hot prices on wines sourced from around the world.
  • Typically, three to four wines will be offered each week, mix and match as you like. Orders of $199 and up ship for free!

Mix or Match any combination. All orders of $199 and over are shipped free within the continental US.

SELECT PLAN Featured Wines


Steven P

I’m thrilled with this company. The ordering was simple, the wines arrived in great shape and I get the expertise of one of the few Masters of Wine in North America. I’m a happy guy.

Evelynn G

Received my first order just a few days after placing it. Love the wines! It’s reassuring to not be getting wines with made-up labels, but instead something that has a real story behind it.

Edward B

I know a little about wine, but not enough to know if I’m being sold a bill of goods. Stellar Bottles is easy to trust. The wines they offer are from highly reputable wineries. And they provide enough information on the wines to make me feel well-informed, but not overwhelmed.

Julianne C

So simple. I feel self-assured to know that I have nice wines around that my friends will enjoy, even the nerdy wine one’s.

Raymond B

My wines are picked by a Master of Wine. It’s like having a Ninja by your side in a street fight.

Carolyn T

I love wine, but I don’t have time to do the research. I’m tired of being burned buying recommended wines with cutesy labels that cost me $30, but taste like $6 wines. I don’t worry about this with Stellar Bottles.

William H

Sensational wines from family-owned and environmentally conscious wineries. I’m sold on it.

Leonard F

It’s nice to buy wines, really good wines, with none of the pretentiousness that can be so tiring.

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Shipping is free on orders over $199 within the continental US
Stellar Bottles is currently shipping to; CA, AK, ID, NM, NV and OR.