New Moon

The New Moon Plan is $199 per six-bottle shipment, three wines, two bottles each, with free shipping.

Orders ship within three business days of the order placement date. Currently available in CA, along with ID, NM, NV and OR. Applicable taxes will be added.

Featured Wines:

2017 Jim Barry Assyrtiko - Clare Valley, Australia 
I first tasted this wine while living in Australia. It's flat out one of the most interesting and fun wines that I've had in a long time. After the vinestock got through an extended quarantine, it established the first Assyrtiko vineyard in Australia. 2017 is only the second vintage for this wine. It's pale in color, with a zesty blast of acidity, medium bodied, lemon/lime, slightly peppery with a whiff of tarragon. No oak. What could be better on a warm day? The Barry family is one of the iconic names from Australia with their first wines being produced in 1959. 

Low to High Scale 0-5
Body/Weight 3, Fruit Intensity 3, Acidity 3, Oak 0, Residual Sugar 1
  • hand harvested, no synthetic chemicals are used in the vineyards
  • screwcap 
  • drink well-chilled, it held up well on day two, very little fade in aroma and taste
  • Assyrtiko can age for years, but I prefer it within three years from the vintage
  • with shellfish, there is nothing better or on day two it was great with Vietnamese egg rolls

2017 Satterhof Gamlitz Sauvignon Blanc - Sudsteiermark, Austria

Austria may have largely built its reputation on Gruner Veltliner, but I often find their Sauvignon Blanc a standout. This one is sourced high in the Alps, near the Slovenian border. It's uniquely Austrian, nothing from the New Zealand, California or France can compare. For starters, the alcohol is low at 12.5%, so it's relatively light-bodied, the aroma will remind you of Meyer lemons with a tangy acidity to keep it fresh and bright. As it warmed up a bit, the aroma intensified. The family-owned estate was one of the first of the region, established in the 1970s. 

Low to High Scale 0-5
Body/Weight 2, Fruit Intensity 3, Acidity 3, Oak 0, Residual Sugar 1
  • hand-harvested, very steep slope organic vineyards, vegan-friendly
  • screw cap
  • drink now or over the next year
  • don't keep for day two, much of the aroma and freshness is lost
  • outstanding with smoked fish, I had it with sturgeon 

2018 Red Car Rose' of Pinot Noir - Sonoma, California
The fruit is sourced from multiple vineyards, with a good amount of cool coastal influence. The end result is a rose' that retains a zesty acidity. This is the shortfall of mediocre rose; Dry rose' made in an impeccable, classic style. It's very pale in color, it smells and tastes a bit like tangerine pink grapefruit. The winery had its start in 2000 in LA, but quickly moved north to better source cooler vineyard sites.

Low to High Scale 0-5
Body/Weight 3, Fruit Intensity 4, Acidity 3, Oak 0, Residual Sugar 1
  • biodynamic vineyard, wild yeast fermentation
  • cork closure
  • drink well-chilled
  • don't keep it, consume over the next several months, best on day one, but it held up better than most on day two
  • The truth is I had a glass with no food, but grilled poultry with lemon butter would be a nice match