Full Moon

The Full Moon Plan is $299 per three-bottle shipment, three wines, one bottle each, with free shipping.

Orders ship within three business days of the order placement date. Currently available in CA, along with ID, NM, NV and OR. Applicable taxes will be added.

Featured Wines:

2015 Gagliole Chianti Classico Riserva - Tuscany, Italy
This is one the short list of the best Chiantis that I've ever tasted. Think of it as the top wine, sourced from the best vineyards from an uber quality-minded small family estate. The history of wine production on this property ties back to 994 A.D.. It's made from 100% Sangiovese. The color is moderately deep, with some slight fading at the rim of the glass. The aroma is off the charts amazing, it's reminiscent of black truffle, along with rose petals. It's not overly heavy, but there is a massive level of subtle, nuanced flavors. It's super polished with everything in perfect balance.
Low to High Scale 0-5
Body/Weight 4, Fruit Intensity 3, Acidity 3, Oak 4, Tannin 3
  • hand-harvested, the terraced vineyards are up to 40 years old, studded with olive trees, no chemical additions within the vineyard
  • natural cork closure
  • open it at least an hour before serving, can easily be cellared for another five years
  • it's as amazing on day two as it is on day one
  • I like great wine with simple foods, an aged ribeye over an open fire is ideal
2013 Altesino Brunello di Montalcino Riserva - Tuscany, Italy
One of the world's most consistent iconic, ultra-premium wine producers. Tiny production Sangiovese made in only the top vintages. I've drunk this wine going back to the 1970s, never experienced a poor bottle. Aged for five years (at least three in oak barrels). Moderately deep color, layered, full, textured, complex, the aroma and taste develop for many hours after opening. In 2002, the winery changed hands, but the traditional methods have remained the same.
Low to High Scale 0-5
Body/Weight 5, Fruit Intensity 3, Acidity 3, Oak 4, Tannin 3
  • hand-harvested, fermented with native yeasts
  • natural cork
  • open hours before serving, decanting is preferred
  • excellent or day two and even on day three
  • pair with simple, but top-end cuts of meat
2010 Le Clerc Briant Millesime Brut - Champagne France
An amazing fifth generation Champagne house with a tiny production level. Sourced from Premier Cru vineyards. The vineyard is only 25 acres which is part of the estate, another 8 that are contracted. Made from 40% each of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, along with 20% Pinot Meunier, aged on the lees from 80 to 100 months! Nothing is typical about this wine. The very long time on the lees creates a creamy, rich character, but it takes time to develop in the glass, I liked it more with the second glass. It evolves with time, something that is not typical of Champagne.
Low to High Scale 0-5
Body/Weight 3, Fruit Intensity 3, Acidity 4, Oak 0, Residual Sugar 1
  • hand-harvested, certified biodynamic vineyards since 1988
  • natural cork closure
  • Serve well-chilled in a standard wine glass versus a flute glass, it intensifies the aromas, the develops a broader character with some time
  • it's great on day two if you have a good Champagne stopper, but only of the bottle is at least half full to maintain adequate CO2 pressure
  • great wines deserve simple foods, I did this with a thyme and lemon roasted chicken