Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon Plan is $299 per six-bottle shipment, three wines, two bottles each, with free shipping.

Orders ship within three business days of the order placement date. Currently available in CA, along with ID, NM, NV and OR. Applicable taxes will be added.

Featured Wines:

2013 Jose Zuccardi Malbec - Mendoza, Argentina
There's an ocean of good, but commercial grade Malbec coming from Argentina. The best versions are from higher elevation slopes in the Andes, with low yields. Here's a perfect example, with the added bonus of some bottle age. A small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon adds structure and weight. The color is deep, little fade at the rim, with a full-on density and structure. it's layered with lush, plush, silky black fruit and smoky oak and clove notes from barrel aging. No expense spared in making this gem from a family-owned business since 1963.
Low to High Scale 0-5
Body/Weight 4, Fruit Intensity 3, Acidity 3, Oak 3, Tannin 2
  • hand-harvested, sustainable agriculture
  • natural cork closure
  • best if opened one hour before serving, there is a tiny amount of sediment, will keep to 2023
  • drinking well on day two, but it was not as bright and fresh
  • Grilled or roasted red meats 

2016 Anima Negra AN - Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca's entire wine production is equal to about two grains of sand on the beach. That said, this is an amazingly unique wine, not only in terms of where it's from, but also for the grape variety. Callet forms the foundation of the wine, it's found only on the island. It's relatively deep in color, but not overly extracted, black fruits, smoke, savory spice, it's a sturdy wine, but not heavy. Only made in top years. The estate came into existence in 1994.

Low to High Scale 0-5
Body/Weight 4, Fruit Intensity 3, Acidity 3, Oak 2, Tannin 2
  • hand-harvested, old vines, natural farming
  • natural cork finish
  • open about an hour before serving
  • holding up well on day two
  • slow cooked stews, roasted meats, pork ribs off the grill 

2013 Le Couroulu Vacqueyras Vignes Vieilles - Rhone, France
I visited this winery more than 25 years ago. Third generation owner, Guy Ricard spoke almost no English, I spoke even less French. None of that mattered as it was still a worthwhile stop. It's a small, family-run estate of the Ricard family since 1928. The Vieilles Vignes or old vines, in this case, 50+ years old results in a lower yield, smaller clusters and greater concentration of the aromas and flavors. The wine is deep, dense, robust and packed with a spicy, peppery character, along with a dried black olive note. Couroulu refers to a bird found in the region.

Low to High Scale 0-5
Body/Weight 4, Fruit Intensity 3, Acidity 3, Oak 2, Tannin 2
  • hand-harvested from two different plots, one planted in1932, the other in 1960, no chemical additions within the vineyard
  • natural cork closure
  • it's not fined or filtered, some bottles will have a bit of sediment, open about an hour before serving
  • it drinks great on day two
  • With grilled pork ribs, it was the perfect match